70mai Mirror Rearview Dash Cam Wide D07 with RC05 | Wide Vision Covers All Blind Zones | App Control

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Front and Rear Dual Lenses Camera

With 1080P front and rear cameras, 70mai Rearview Dash Cam Wide records double-vision live videos without any blind spot.

Videos of both cameras are accessible on your SD card

Perfect Rear Vision in Harsh Weather

Just forget the foggy rearview mirrors and enjoy the crystal 70mai IPS full screen when it rains.

IP67 waterproofing 70mai backup cameras are the perfect replacement for the original wet side mirror on rainy days.

Make blind spots all visible when reversing.

The powerful Hi3556 V200 Processor of Rearview Dash Cam Wide makes real-time feedback possible.

What you see is what you get.

Simple Installation

Tie the dashcam to the vehicle's mirror by equipped strips

Flexible Design for Most Vehicles

Adjustable Dash Cam Wide fits most original mirrors perfectly.

Loop Recording

Auto-overwriting the older footage with the latest ones to save space for your micro memory card.

Please use Original Class 10 64 to 128GB