Amazfit Powerbuds

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Amazfit PowerBuds are wireless headphones for sport and work. This model features a plug and play design. The user can use it with special ear hooks without fear that earphones will fall during the exercises. The earphones are protected from moisture and dust according to the IP55 standard.

- Precise Heart Rate Monitoring During Exercise.
Heart rate is an important indicator while monitoring exercise, so the Amazfit Powerbuds are equipped with a PPG heart rate sensor to precisely monitor your heart rate and keep you informed of your workout status. You will also get voice notifications when your heart rate exceeds the pre-set warning value, making your workout safer and more effective.

- Magnetic Sport Ear Hooks Firm & Comfortable, Tailored to Exercise
The Amazfit Powerbuds shell is made of smooth radium carving texture, bringing a sporty energy to your workout. The unique magnetic split ear hook design enhances the firm fit and stability of the earphones and prevent them from dropping during intense exercise. In daily use, the ear hooks can be removed and kept in the charging case, making them easy to store.

- Abundant Power to Give You Full Energy The Magnetic Charging Case Brings Total Battery Life to 24 Hours
The earphones provide 8 hours of play time on a single charge, and coupled with the magnetic charging case, they can function for another 16 hours, meaning you can enjoy up to 24 hours of music on-the-go. Bring more power and longer life to your music.

- Professional Sports Sound System | Immersive and Dynamic Sound to Accompany Your Movement
Amazfit Powerbuds bring stunning sound to your ears through its professional sports sound system, to make exercising more immersive and dynamic. It also has professional functions to escort each movement.

- IP55 Water & Dust Resistance | No Fear of Dust, Rain or Sweat
Excellent water & dust resistance due to integrated design. The components of the Amazfit Powerbuds are effectively protected against damage caused by dust, rain and sweat, keeping you free from worry during workout.

- ENC Dual-Microphone Noise Reduction | Filtering Ambient Noise for HD Calls
Through ENC dual-microphone noise reduction technology, the Amazfit Powerbuds receive clear sound, effectively inhibit other interruptive ambient sounds, and efficiently reduce noise, making calls clearer.

- A Gentle Tap to Operate
Both earphones can be customized with a single tap and double-tap touch function, making your use more convenient and effective, and saving you the trouble of pulling out your phone for operations with sweaty and wet hands.